About Us

As you can imagine, a business like this takes many people to make it successful. Here are our team members.
Glodien - Mountain View Horse Trails


Glodien is the owner and runner of Mountain View Horse Trails. She knows everything there is to know about horses. She had a dream about 15 years ago for Mountain View Horse Trails, and has worked tirelessly to make that dream happen..


Ursula decided a few years ago to move from Switzerland to our gorgeous city. She takes our trail rides, mostly on the weekends, and speaks Swiss German, English, and is taking Afrikaans lessons, all of which help with our tourist clients.
Francis and David - Our Grooms

Our Grooms

Francis (left) and David (right)

Our grooms, David and Francis, do the daily chores around the stables, as well as help saddle up the horses for trail rides. David is also one of our popular trail guides, and has the most amazing touch with the horses.